Top Four Reasons to Invest in Quality Home Security Systems in Boston, MA

When it comes to deciding what to purchase for your home security systems in regards to the bare necessities, there are quite a few things that may come to mind. For instance, appliances within your kitchen (such as refrigerators and microwaves) might be featured on the list as well as a wide variety of products and toiletries that belong safely store away within your bathrooms. The same is the case when it comes to furnishing your office building for the very first time. As you look around and work through your mental checklist to make sure you got everything, one of the most commonly forgotten elements is the implementation of security service in Boston, MA.

Boston Home Security Systems

There are so many people throughout the Boston area and other major cities within the United States that don’t invest in security systems and security alarms simply because they view these purchases as being absolutely unnecessary. It is true that there is still quite a few households and businesses that are still struggling with the aftermath of the economic recession and corresponding financial struggles and complications from 2008.

They would rather save that money all together and take their chances or invest in a much lesser priced Boston home security systems just to be able to these basic services. However, there are actually several different reasons why investing in Boston home alarm systems and Boston security systems should be placed at the top of your list of financial priorities and upcoming investment plans instead of the very bottom.

The Increasing Number of Violent Crimes

Right along with gas prices and the deductions from your paycheck, another figure that seems to be rising at an exponential pace overall is that of violent crimes that occur on average each year. One study shows that the average number of violent crimes has actually exceeded 5,300. While it is true that hardly anyone throughout the Boston area actually wants to become a victim or a statistic in this regard, statistical studies have proven that it is more of a question of when instead of if when it comes to your being directly affected by the dark side of this town that is actively lurking in the shadows. Therefore, protecting yourself, your employees and/or your family against these violent crimes and activities is one of the main reasons why you should invest in premium home security cameras in Boston.

Security Systems In Boston Save Lives

security alarm systemsKeep in mind that violent crimes are not the only type of crime that has increased in prevalence year after year within this Massachusetts city. There are quite a few property crimes that occur even more frequently within this same town during the same exact period of time. One study that was conducted recently by Neighborhood Scout has been even determined that the number of property crimes is almost four times the number of violent crimes – a little more than 19,000 crimes each year. During the day, you might be able to deter this criminal element by your presence alone. However, what about when your family is fast asleep at home or, on the other hand, all of your employees have left for the day and closed up shop? This extended period of inactivity (especially when it comes to physical monitoring) can drastically increase the likelihood of a property crime being committing at some point in time. However, you can drastically reduce that percentage through the effective deterrence factor of Boston security systems. Many of the potential criminals that research their victims thoroughly by casing their respective properties will search for a high-quality security system first before they decide to proceed any further with the heist.

Even having a sign from the provider of your security service in Boston posted on your front door or window can scare off a lot of criminals whether you are there or not. There will still be a select few that decide to go through with it, but the noisy alarm triggered by their unauthorized entry into your building will scare them senseless and force them to rethink their decision.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Family Members

When it comes to using home security systems in Boston, MA, there is always going to be the controversial discussion and debate of whether or not these systems are invasions of a person’s privacy. If you are living in a home or building with people that simply are not related to you (such as coworkers and/or tenants), then there could be reason for concern in this regard. Even so, you can still use high-quality security systems and alarms in Boston throughout your home and office building in order to keep your tenants and/or family members safe and secured while also preserving their privacy.

For instance, while you want to actively monitor hallways and public access areas (i.e. doors, windows, etc.), you will also want to refrain from actively monitoring areas that are reserved for private activities (i.e. bathrooms, etc.) As long as you maintain a high level of control and moderation, you can effectively and efficiently use this home security system to keep your family safe and secured from the growing world of criminal activity spreading through the streets of the city while also monitoring their daily activities in general as well.

Preventing Internal and External Theft in Boston

boston home alarmsWithin your office building, another reason why you invest in high-quality security systems is because of the simple fact that you can effectively minimize the number of robberies and overall theft that occurs both externally and internally. Keep in mind that a major part of your loss prevention problem each year could very well be caused by your actual employees instead of the criminals posing as customers.

A security system that is fully equipped with motion detection sensors and security cameras will make it much easier to identify potential thieves within your midst as well as monitor the day-to-day activities of your staff in general. These are all great reasons why making this type of investment should never be considered as an unnecessary expense but more as a mandatory requirement.

A Quick Guide for Buying Boston Security Cameras

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most crime-infested cities throughout the United States. Studies have confirmed that Boston is only safer than about 15% of other US cities. There are over 20,400 property crimes that are conducted each year and over 5,500 violent crimes that occur during the same period of time, according to Even when compared to the national averages of property and violent crimes throughout the country, Boston is able to almost double those figures in both areas.

It truly is not surprising, therefore, why there are so many homeowners, landlords and business owners that invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars in Boston security cameras and surveillance systems. When shopping for a security system, there is a wide variety of options available from which you may choose. Understanding the different options and features that can be selected will make it much easier for you to choose the perfect system for your home or business.

The Value of Boston Security Camera Systems

security cameras in bostonWhen it comes to Boston security cameras, you basically have two categories from which you can choose that will lead you down two completely different paths – wired and wireless. The actual setup that you decide to invest in for your Boston home or business should depend primarily on the strategic locations of the cameras and where they will be installed. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is their overall visibility and how visible (or invisible) you would like for these cameras to be to the naked eye.

Case studies have been able to prove that wired cameras are much more difficult to install, primarily because of the fact that stray wires will make their presence known and completely ruin any attempts to establish discretion within the office or residence. For example, the strategic and discreet installation and setup of a Boston CCTV camera setup within a small business (for example) is much more difficult than it may seem. However, most consumers decide to invest in this particular option instead of a wireless Boston security surveillance system simply because they are able to develop a higher level of quality due to the lack of interference that affects their signals.

The Value of Wireless Cameras

Even though there are quite a few consumers that are more excited about investing in wired Boston security cameras than wireless cameras, there are still quite a few advantages and benefits that can be explored and experienced by choosing to go with a wireless setup instead. One of those major advantages is that wireless cameras provide consumers with an enhanced level of flexibility. It is true that wireless signals can easily be distracted by other wireless devices, including wireless Internet access, monitors and cordless phones. By investing in commercial-grade Boston security cameras and surveillance systems, however, you will be able to minimize this type of signal fluctuation overall.

Evaluating the Presence of Surveillance

One of the main things that many consumers do not think about when they invest in Boston security cameras is the fact that most advanced technology can easily be hacked into and compromised by professional or even amateur cyber-criminals. Think about the millions of files, programs and applications that are hacked into each year within computers and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Whenever you establish a wireless Internet connection within the expanding world of technology, such as when you invest in wireless Boston security cameras, you have to take into consideration the undeniable presence of cyber criminals and security threats that currently exist.

This can drastically affect your purchasing decisions when it comes to choosing the best Boston security cameras and surveillance system for your home or office. Even though it is true that you would like to be able to closely monitor the activities that are occurring within and outside of your home or business, how would you feel if that security feed was hacked into and compromised by a cyber-criminal? You would no longer be the only person to have that type of direct access and viewing capabilities within your private residence or public business. Therefore, the overall concept of security would be eliminated since your security system would no longer be secure.

Explore All Available Options First

Do not allow the basic idea of cyber-criminals to deter you from investing in security camera equipment. Studies have still been able to confirm that Boston security cameras and surveillance equipment are effective crime deterrents that allow homeowners, landlords and business owners to keep their families, tenants and employees respectively protected in addition to their property. It is just very important for you to make sure that you take the time to explore all available options first and foremost before committing yourself and your property to one specific type of security setup. Make sure that you thoroughly conduct market research on different brands and manufacturers as well as devices and programming options in order to select the one that is best for your specific needs.

Invest in the Services of a Boston Security Company

Purchasing and installing a security system should never be the type of job that you handle on your own without the assistance of a professional expert. There are many different experts, technicians and contractors that are available throughout the Boston area that has been able to acquire years of applied experience in this particular field. Even though you may end up paying a little more for their services than you would have liked to pay at first, you have to keep in mind the type of quality work and performance that you will be receiving. The last thing that you should want is to rob a high-end, expensive Boston CCTV camera of its effectiveness simply because of not having it properly installed, maintained and repaired over time.

The bottom line is that purchasing Boston security cameras is not as easy as it might seem, regardless if you are just looking for a security system for your home or for your business. However, as long as you focus on making quality decisions and investing in quality services, you will be able to get the most benefit from your investment.

Protecting Your Property with Boston Security Camera Systems

Maintaining a watchful eye over your business is a major concern that you have more than likely had since you first opened your doors. Whether your business has been serving customers and clients throughout Boston and all of Massachusetts for one century or one month, investing in a high-quality Boston security camera system should be strategically placed towards the top of the list of your required investment options and packages. Why is that the case? Why should you use security camera systems or even a Boston alarm system to keep a watchful eye over your office building and commercial property?

The Truth about Crime in Boston

Whether you have lived in Boston for decades or just recently moved to the city earlier this year, you have more than likely realized (one way or another) that the streets of Boston are filled with criminal activity day and night. With a population of well over 630,000 people, Boston has been able to maintain an average of close to 40 annual crimes being conducted per 1,000 residents on a yearly basis. This is primarily because of the 24,500 crimes committed each year, according to Neighborhood Scout. The same study has confirmed that over 19,000 of those annual crimes are actually property crimes that are conducted in the early morning or late –night hours. Why is it that this particular timeline is the most popular for Boston crime to take place?

When the Cat is Away…

Remember the old saying, “When the cat is away, the mice will play?” Well, that general principle clearly explains why criminal activities are at a climactic peak in this particular city during the early morning and late night hours. In most cases, the average employee will only have to work either a day or a night shift that allows them to clock out and head home between 10 PM and 12 AM (midnight).

Therefore, when all of the employees are heading home and the office building is left unattended, this is the most popular time for potential thieves and criminals to target these particular buildings. It is imperative for you to still maintain a watchful eye over your business even after you have clocked out for the day and no other employee will working within it. Having a Boston security camera system in place will allow you to do just that.

Finding the Best Security System Available

Before you become overwhelmed by the extensive list of options currently available when it comes to shopping for Boston security camera systems or even home security systems and alarms, there are several key points to take into consideration first and foremost. For instance, make sure you examine the restrictions of your projected budget – paying close attention to short-term expenses (i.e. equipment costs, installation fees, etc.) as well as long-term and recurring expenses (i.e. monitoring service fees, insurance premiums, maintenance expenses, etc.)

Once you have been able to determine a strict budget that you will stick to throughout the shopping experience, you can move on to the research and selection phase of the overall process. Make sure that you pay close attention to security system reviews and ratings that have been posted and published by past customers and clients that have already installed and used the security cameras and equipment you plan on using within your own home or office. Doing so will save you a considerable amount of time and money because these reviews will make it much easier to identify which systems will provide you with the most value as well as the options that will provide you with the least.

What is the “Perfect” Security Camera System?

Quite a few consumers and critics over the years have searched high and low for the “perfect” security camera system. Regardless of the make, model or type of Boston security camera system you decide to purchase, it is imperative to always remember that the “perfect” security system simply does not exist. Whether you pay one hundred dollars or tens of thousands of dollars for your Boston security system package, there is not a single system available that will perfectly eliminate all crime. Therefore, make sure that you maintain realistic yet feasible expectations for the security systems that you purchase in addition to the need for additional preventive measures and actions to be taken in order to enhance the overall protection and security of your home or office.

The Bottom Line

Even though Boston has an extensive list of benefits and attractions that drive millions of people towards this city each year, the criminal activities that take place within it are even more effective at forcing people to search elsewhere. However, you can minimize the risk of being victimized either within your home or office building simply by investing your hard-earned money into a high-quality system for your home or business.

Identifying the Advantages of a Boston CCTV Camera Systems

Statistics, studies and confirmed reports have all been able to prove in recent years that the overall crime rate (violent and property alike) within the Massachusetts city of Boston is continuing to rise with each passing year. Even though this city is known for its tourist attractions and natural beauty, the darkness of the criminal world has started to dim that light of beauty to an extent that cannot be ignored. This is why there are so many residents and business owners alike that are investing hundreds and even thousands of dollars into purchasing and installing top-notch Boston security cameras and surveillance systems in order to keep their families, tenants, employees and properties safe and protected from criminal activity.

One of the most popular choices that are currently available within the expanding market of Boston security cameras is the Boston CCTV camera, which is also known as a closed-circuit television security camera. Before you make the decision to finalize a purchase of this particular security system, though, you should first take a moment to consider several key disadvantages that can drastically affect the efficiency, quality and performance of these devices. What are some of these disadvantages?

The Likelihood of Malfunctioning

Studies have confirmed that, although a Boston CCTV security cameras are able to perform quite well on most days, one of the key disadvantages of this particular type of security camera system is that it is not able to consistently uphold that type of quality performance and efficiency day in and day out. This particular type of Boston surveillance system is not capable of monitoring every single area of your commercial building or residential property at all times.

Many reports and case studies have been able to conclude that the likelihood of their malfunctioning becoming a major, consistent problem is rather slim. However, since there is even the slightest possibility that this device can fail (as is the case with many other Boston security cameras,) it should never be used as a foolproof technique that is designed to prevent crime.

Major Concerns of Privacy Invasions

There have also been many studies that have been conducted and confirmed over the years that have proven that privacy concerns can also be considered problematic when it comes to these devices is the major concern of privacy invasions and violations that may come about. Keep in mind that this is not just a problem that affects the basic Boston CCTV camera. It is true about all Boston security cameras and surveillance systems in general.

Within a business, this type of equipment can cause the employee morale to drastically decrease and hamper productivity levels overall. Knowing that they are being constantly monitored and recorded by these types of devices can make almost anyone feel very uncomfortable. This is especially the case when these devices are installed within a private residence.

Keeping Safe With Video Surveillance in Boston

Another key disadvantage that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to the CCTV camera and whether or not it is suitable for your security needs is the substantial increase in overhead expenses that will be associated with their installation and continuous operation. On the frontend, you will always need to take into consideration the initial costs of the actual equipment that will be purchased and installed. In most cases, having one security camera is not going to be enough.

Therefore the average Boston surveillance system may require several Boston security cameras to be purchased, installed and programmed accordingly. In addition to equipment costs and labor expenses associated with the corresponding installation, you will also have to add the monthly overhead expenses (i.e. increased power consumption, energy bills, maintenance fees, etc.) that will need to be cared for as well. Regardless of how much money your business makes each year or which income tax bracket your household is currently placed within today, the overhead expenses that are associated with both short-term and long-term usage of a Boston Massachusetts CCTV camera can create a considerable dent in your monthly and annual budget.

Install Boston, MA Security Camera Systems

boston security systemsInvesting in a Boston CCTV camera is not a decision that has nothing but disadvantages to consider. There is a bright side to this darkness and a silver lining for this very dark cloud, because there are several advantages and benefits that you should also consider when it comes to selecting the best security cameras and surveillance system for your commercial or residential building.

For instance, studies have confirmed that they can be used to effectively deter criminal activities from taking place within and outside of residential and commercial buildings alike. In most cases, the mere sight of a Boston CCTV systems strategically placed within and outside of a business or residence will force many criminals to think twice before committing a crime on your property. This type of equipment is also very effective at maintaining records of quality footage that is usually recorded on built-in hard drives, such as images and videos that can easily be saved and referenced in the future. This can also help to protect employees, tenants and family members alike within their workplaces, apartment complexes and homes respectively. The quality footage that is captured through a Boston security camera can also be used as concrete evidence for prosecution cases, court cases and lawsuits.

The Bottom Line With Video Monitoring

It is true that there are quite a few advantages and benefits that can be experienced by the average consumer that decides to purchase a Boston CCTV camera for security purposes within their home or office building. However, there are also several key disadvantages that also need to be taken into consideration as well before finalizing any purchases. Although none of these disadvantages can outweigh the benefits that you can experience by having this type of security, it is essential for you to take the time to explore both sides of the coin before making a final call.